"I'm more obsessed than I ever have been, I love her. She was a great finale to Coachella" x

the slay disease
it’s spreading

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Hiya! After beginning to run this blog, I realized it will be hard to have two Joey blogs to run all by myself. So, I have a few ideas and I need your help deciding what to do with it! Read about the options below and then vote here!

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Joey being adorable yet again x
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HEY GUYS IT’S HAYLEY IM STILL HERE BUT IM ABOUT TO LEAVE BUT I JUST SAW PRINCE WILLIAM AND KATE AND THEY ARE SO PERFECT OMG!!!!!!!! but anyway, as you already know from Astrid’s post, I am giving this blog to her! Woo!!

Everything was pretty much said in her post, I just wasn’t finding this blog as fun as it used to be, but I do still love Joey! and I’ll still have my amilionlittleshiningstars blog so I’m not leaving tumblr completely! :)
I’ll miss all you guys so much but I know Astrid will treat you well :P And I’m sure you’ll all be as lovely to Astrid as you were to me :D Astrid can do or change whatever she wants with this blog, and I’m sure whatever she chooses to do will be amazing! :)

I love you guys sooo much and thank you for making my time having this blog as amazing as it was <3 Bye!! :)

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I love your other blog "simplyjoeygraceffa" and I know you will do an amazing job with this one! Everything you do I love so thank you for everything! Ily and have a good day:)

Awwww thank you so much!! <3 That means a lot, I was afraid people would be angry I’m running this blog now or something.. I hope you have a good day too darlin! 

Oh and to anyone else reading this; sorry I haven’t been posting on either of my blogs for the past few days, I’ll be really busy for a little while but then I’ll be back on track (: 

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Hi there everyone, my name is Astrid! (simplyjoeygraceffa) As most of you know, Hayley has decided she doesn’t want to run this account anymore. Instead of deleting it, she decided to entrust it to me! I’ll explain a lot more under the “read more” section! (:

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I just saw all of this about you giving your blog away and before you do I just wanted to say that you are amazing, you were one of the first Joey blogs I followed, and I will miss you!!

Aw omg <3 You’re amazing, I’ll miss you :(

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NO! I'm going to miss my favorite JG blog on my dash :'(

Awww :( It’ll still be on your dash though! :D With Astrid!! :D :D You wont even know im gone! :P

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This is so sad :( and I actually started following you before I followed Joey him self lol!

Awwwww <3 omg ily :( dont worry my blog will still be here though :D

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nooooo!!!!! i've just found out nonononoo! :((( you're like the sweetest person ever ahhh no i'll miss you!! :(

:( aww ill miss you too and all the amaazzingg things you make!! hahah :P aahhh :(

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this is so sad :-(

:( :( :(

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Awww :( <3  ill miss you too! dont worry its not gonna be deleted though Im giving it away so itll still be here! :D 

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ill miss you ilysm :(

aww ily ill miss you too :( It’s goona feel strange not having this blog! haha 

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:( Ahh I’ll miss you too! :(

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